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Moncton Chiropractor | Dr. François LeBlanc

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered chiropractic at age fifteen after suffering a lower back hockey injury. The quick relief from the excruciating pain was very impressive. Five years later, I experienced a second personal “miracle” when chiropractic quickly corrected the problem that was causing me to experience severe chronic headaches. After six months of constant severe pain, a few drug trials, and a CT scan to rule out tumors, it was exciting to get my life back.

Dr Francois LeBlanc | Moncton Chiropractor

Dr Francois LeBlanc | Moncton Chiropractor

Turning my Life Around

After completing my business degree, I worked for nine years as an area supervisor for two industrial companies. Although some aspects of these jobs were quite interesting, they did not trigger the same kind of passion that I am enjoying today with chiropractic. Therefore, I decided to leave a relatively high-paying job to go back to school for five years and become a doctor of chiropractic.

After studying the human body to the extent that we did, I am in awe at the human potential when everything is working right. I was quite surprised with the amount of information we had to digest; the human body is a fascinating and complicated machine!

Being health conscious and quite conservative with my use of medication, chiropractic’s natural drugless philosophy was a perfect fit for me. My family, staff and myself believe in improving and maintaining the human body’s functioning via natural means like nutrition, exercise, stress control, rest and of course chiropractic.

Outside of the Office

Most people are quick to find out that I am an avid sports fan having practiced (and still practicing) many sports and disciplines. I try my best to pass along the passion to the next generation (including my son) by coaching lacrosse, hockey and soccer. I also enjoy dabbling with singing and guitar playing in a local band and my wife Carole and I enjoy travelling in our spare time.

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